Artist Series - Boho by Lauren

I don't even know where to start for this blog post. I am so so passionate about makers and artists doing it on their own, making their own way, pursuing what they love. Lauren is the first artist in my Artist portrait series. My goal through this series is to put a face behind the art. Shine light on the unique process and the passion they put into their craft. Lauren is the face behind Boho by Lauren and I can't tell you how obsessed I am with her work! She HAND DIES tapestries into unique pieces of art to hang on your wall. The process is beautiful to watch. Not only does she create each of these by hand, she also is a wife and a mama to 3 kiddos. How she has time for all that and Boho by Lauren is beyond me, but I'm so glad she does! 

Before she even starts mixing dye for the tapestries, she begins by gluing each strand of yarn to a rod one by one. She comes up with a relative idea of colors and design, but from the way I understand, each piece evolves as the dye is put on in layers and layers. Each strand has to dry completely before adding a new layer to the tapestry, so as you can imagine, each piece is one of a kind. I'm not much of a writer, as you can probably tell, so just press play and scroll through at your little hearts content and soak in all the goodness.