What Should You Wear For Your Engagement Photos?

As a photographer, I get asked this all the time before engagement portraits. What should we wear? Your engagement photos are so important! Theres a lot of pressure on these and you want to make sure to get this right. These photos will be used on anything from the Save the Dates to your 50th wedding anniversary. (no pressure…)


1. The first piece of advice I want all my newly engaged ladies and men to know is to be COMFORTABLE. You're not going to take good photos if you aren't comfortable in your own skin and outfit. If your man isn't comfortable in a suit, don't ask him to wear one for your portraits. The point of these photos are to show a reflection of who you are. Be yourselves!

2. Coordinating with your significant other doesn't mean match-matchy. Wear different colors, but have a good balance between outfits. If he has a plaid shirt and jeans on, maybe wear something that's lighter and airy with subtle hints of color that matches him. Dressing in the same color family helps your photographer to find nice contrast in the photo without being too flat. The great thing about most engagement sessions now is versatility! If you can't decide on one outfit, bring 2 or 3 in different styles! The variation makes it fun.  

3. Details matter. While you don't want your clothes to outshine you and turn your engagement session into a fashion session, don't be afraid to showcase any wonderful detailed clothes! Anything from an awesome statement necklace to bright heels are great ways to add interest and dimension to your photos. 

4. Finally, to make your photos truly unique, bring props to go with your outfits and the environment you're in. Interacting with products helps you to interact with your significant other and feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Great pictures come when you are comfortable and having fun! Your photographer will love you bringing blankets, cupcakes, books, or anything that represents you as a couple. Fun and relaxed = photos you'll cherish for the rest of your life!