My New Years Resolution

I've decided to really push myself this year. With my own photography, I haven't put forth true effort into perfecting my craft. I know I will never ever perfect it, but this year, I want to push myself creatively out of the box. In order to do this, I've decided to start completing at least 2 personal projects every month. Anything from film, to creative portraits, to awesome landscapes, to the trip around the world that totally won't happen this year. I'm on a mission to stay inspired and to learn new things every single time I pick up my camera. 

Luckily, a couple weeks ago I had two very willing friends pose for me while I played with my new studio set. Carrie and Lindsey were awesome and super willing to help me out! With both of them, I tried to go in with a mind to do something I've never done before. Both in camera and in photoshop for post-production. Take a look and tell me what y'all think! I'm pretty happy with how these two photos came out.